What We Are

Welcome to our travel blog. It certainly won’t be mistaken for Fodor’s or Lonely Planet, as we’re sort of like plain folks, with some significant differences. Allow us to explain.

It used to be that travel was a chronic congenital condition. With one of us working in the “pointy end” of major airline equipment for 20+ years, moving about had become a given, though it had ground most of the edges off of whatever enthusiasm that used to exist. As such, one tends to develop something of a thousand mile stare when exposed to the entrance to an airport. It is not easily overcome, and it takes time to heal.

In fact, it seemed like it took about six years after retirement, before there was any temptation to even look at a contrail, let alone hiking up our pants and walking onto an airline concourse. The calendar soothes us eventually, though the psychic scars persist. But after a career of “OutNBack’s”, and a suitable amount of time to heal up, the wanderlust reasserted itself. Now, we don’t have to travel, but our whole family has the travel benefits associated with an airline pilot retiree’s pass benefits.

You might think that we’ve been given the key to the kingdom, and we really have…..sort of. Oh, the privilege is tantalizing as one can move about the planet for not much more than cab fare. The catch is, that it’s all standby.

It’s not quite as cool as you might think. You get “bumped” a lot. That means, if the flight is full, you won’t be invited, and you have to fall back on your contingency travel plan(s). That’s right, the avenue to your destination is never guaranteed. In order to complete the journey, it may take days vs. hours. Our record for being bumped was 12 times in one day. By the time we’ve gone through all the travel iterations, the path to the destination may cover pages.

Iteration ……Iteration of apparently simple functions can produce complex behaviours and difficult problems

Sleeping arrangements can be …… interesting. A recent trip involved camping in a boarding area. Our children made a tent out of their blankets. It wasn’t half bad, since there were no witnesses between 1 AM and 5 AM. We ended up flying out to separate ends of the country to reach our common destination, but we made it the next day.

No human would put up with such foolishness, be we aren’t, and we do. That’s when things don’t work out well. Conversely, we often make our connections without a single problem. No doubt much of our success involves intervention by a higher power, as the really good outcomes are unpredictable. When it works, it comes through in spades.

The industry takes care of its own. Airline employees have a special place in their heart for retirees. For the most part, they’ll do wonderful things for you. We’ll make note of these in our posts.

Why do we do it? We travel for altruistic purposes, and we travel for pleasure. There won’t be too many specifics on the former, but over time our projects will become a bit more transparent. Come back and visit, if you’re interested.

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